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Study in Germany – Master Degree part 1

It’s been a month since I have enrolled at Saarland University as a Master Student in Computer and Communications Technology (or CuK – Computer – und Kommunikation Technik in Deutsch). Actually I’ve also accepted in Bonn University, but after I’ve conducted some research, I finally chose Saarland University. In this first post, I would mostly explain how to find the correct university that suits you.

Research. What I meant here by research is googling, not the research topics that the university have (I will come to this topic later). Google is your best friend. As for me, who cannot speak German but really want to study in Germany, all the lecturers must be held in English. I found two good websites to from Google to search every University that has English as their language of instruction.

Both websites are intuitive, you could easily find some suitable universities which match your inquires. They also mention some brief explanations and the link to the program.

First step is done. You must have your list now. Next, open each website for the program. It would be boring to read all the stuff, but there are some important information anyway. Bookmark all the programs main page as you’ll be back very often! Look at the requirements and the deadline of registration. The page that states about cost and tuition also useful, since there is a possible misperception that study in Germany is free. It’s considerably cheap, but it’s not free. For some states, like Saarland there is no tuition fee, but you need to pay 140 Euro for social fee which include a semester ticket.

Most of the universities require TOEFL / IELTS as a proof of English fluency. Some of them also got online application system, which will definitely save cost on mailing thingy. If there are many universities that provide the program that you want, my suggestion is to apply to all of them. It’s better to have some backups while still maintain your top list candidates.

This question might arise, how to choose a top list candidates? There are many consideration for it, but firstly I will consider the university ranking among the others. This link from DAAD – CHE contains recent universities ranking.

Most likely, I prefer university with good ranking. However, it may be simply not enough for you. Again, open the bookmarked program link and see the research group in that university. Is there any research that you interest in? As my old man say, “Do what you love, love what you do”. Next, Google will help you to decide. Find some reviews in forums and maybe news about the university. GoogleMaps and Wikipedia also handy, study the city of the university. Preferably you don’t want to stuck in the middle of some dodgy town in Germany right?

As I said earlier, I accepted in two universities, but why I choose Uni Saarland? 39 professor only for Computer Science and many research group explains it. Lastly, there are Max Planck Institute and DFKI, which will give me many opportunities to work with. To be honest, this link explain everything about my reason.

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