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Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase 2

Okay, this the second project progress report for Darkside Rebirth. The first project progress report can be viewed by clicking here. As I’ve stated before, there are a total of 7 characters that will be playable during the game (If the story plot has finished, of course).

4 of 7 characters have already been finished and published in the first skill showcase of the first project progress report. The rest of the characters are shown their skills on this particular post. For the rest of the characters, we use the characters from Blazblue since they’re persona are very fitting for the characters. A few changes on characters’ class included on the project changing them to Beastmaster, Ice Avatar, and Sharp Shooter.

Story hasn’t been progressing since the members are still busy with campus life (so I’m practically a one man show here, haha). Anyway, here’s the video for the skill showcase:

Souza Nurafrianto
Hashfi Rasis

Script used for the game:
Sideview Battle System
Hanzo Kimura’s Animated Title Screen
Skill Teaching Equipment & Items
Mog Script
Spin Battle System

Enu (
Mr. Bubble
Shu (for translation help)
Moonlight (for her passionate bug support for this script)
NightWalker (for his community support for this script)
Enelvon (transformation add-on and support)
Atoa (community and XP version support)
AlphaWhelp (code fixes and community support)
Enu (for making an awesome script)
Hanzo Kimura
modern algebra (

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