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When a Religion Hinders Your Way On Becoming a Human

For a very long time, I’ve been an atheist. Why? Because I don’t believe the necessity on adding God in the equation of my action. I do what I assume is right and what I believe a human would do (well, I hope my action is what a good human would do). I don’t need the fear of hell in front of my face or the pleasure of heaven to be offered just to make me a better person. I just look at myself, thinking what if others do the same thing as I did to them, would it be pleasing? Would it hurt my feeling? That’s it.

I’ve read in an article such as this:

and for of you who doesn’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, it’s a story of a moslem who got evicted from the church during evacuation of volcano accident in Indonesia. The priest was worried that the refugee was going to convert his followers to Islam.

And that exact mindset is what sickens me. I don’t blame religion for this, since yes I clearly get the message that religion always teach about helping others and tolerating each other’s religion.

However, religion also perpetuate a “box” to classify people. Let’s just say in religion there are two types of people, “Those who believe” and “Those who doesn’t”. While religion clearly define that always treat other nice eventhough they are not a believer, you just can’t get rid of the box you’re eyes are seeing. You saw that the one that doesn’t believe will eventually purge in hell when he dies. And that kind of perspective leads you the notion to protect the one who are the believers. You have to protect them from the abomination or blasphemy of those who don’t believe.

The mindset of a religious person always wants to prioritize those who are the believers first. Be it a Christian, Catholic, or Moslem, there will always that boundary that hinders you from getting as close as you are with the believers. Mecca and Madinah are the lands that forbid non-moslem from entering, while Christian believe you can only get to heaven if you accept Christ as your saviour.

People always ask me that if you don’t have an absolute morality or a morality compass, how do you define what’s good and what’s bad? Well, you know, for you who pride themselves for having a religion and having an absolute morality, do you accept stoning people to death for adultery in Islam? Or do you accept those who work in Sabbath be punishable by death for Catholic?

As Richard Dawkins said, “I don’t think I want an absolute morality”. I agree, I think there are no absolute morality. There are no black and white. Everything is circumstancial and thus, we have to have a moral compass that is thought out and discussed. Heck, even you theist cherry pick on your bible. You said that “No, this doesn’t interpret as it is. Sabbath must be a different meaning to it” and make the other good stuff as the divine prophecy from a divine being.

I’m not saying that religion is bad and needs to be eradicated. But I beg for you who believes in a God, please don’t let your love to God hinders the soul that makes you humans. Stop the prejudice and stop hesitating when helping a person in need. Be it a non-believer, convicted felon, or anyone that your little “box” doesn’t define “A believer.”

  1. Dave Mathews
    November 11, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Religion is obsolete. A higher degree of cultism.

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