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Swiss German University Money-Oriented Education

Guys, thinking of going to Swiss German University? I hope not because they just released a new tuition fee for this year’s intake which you can find in this following document:


Guess what? Now they are applying for a development fee for 45 million rupiahs or 5000 dollars. This is appalling since you will get no direct benefits from the money you spend on the development fee. Have you seen the building there? The construction is not finished and the picture on the left is the sole 4-stories building that SGU has finished (with several architectural flaws on rainy day). Don’t get me wrong, this building is not only for one faculty. It’s for all the 11 faculties which means you get limited rooms for 1 faculty.

All they have to offer is the internship to Germany in semester 6, which you have to accommodate for yourself from flight tickets to actually living in Germany (No, it is not included on the 6th semester tuition fee). You will mostly have to find the job yourself, although the visa will be managed by SGU (and no, the visa cost is not included in the tuition fee which gives me wonders what the hell I’m paying the tuition fee for).

There will be a double degree opportunity if you get the opportunity to go to Germany with a test on one of the college (Fachochschule) in Soest. Believe me, double degree is not worth it since it holds no effect if they wanted your transcript score when you wanted to pursue a higher degree of education.

How about the education? Well, I can’t sum up everything so let me view it on Information Technology Department. For 4 years of education I have to say that SGU has not prepare me to continue for a higher education. Yes, I have to admit that SGU taught me the current technology which enables me to adapt to work environment. However, SGU doesn’t care much about the fundamental base of Information Technology. I had a conversation with one of the professors there and he was sadden that SGU didn’t teach enough Math to prepare the students for Data Mining, Signal Processing, and Image Processing lecture. Consequently, graduates from SGU will be quick in adaptation in work environment (perhaps the result of two times internships), but when the company is introduced a new technology, they will face difficulties in learning new things.

If you don’t believe me, just visit the university and find it for yourself. The lab equipment (for IT lab) are not adequate and still unfinished. If you fail one subject you have to pay an amount of money to retake the test for that particular subject. Heck, even if you want to protest if your score got misprinted or there are right answers that are considered wrong, you have to pay for the complaint charge. I have to say for such a small university which offers small amount of facilities, no accommodation for internship, and small amount of education with limited subjects to choose, 45 million rupiahs for development fee is such an appalling number.


  1. andi
    June 24, 2013 at 8:10 am

    hhmm.. will thinking about that… my son want to apply for this university in 2013

    • July 7, 2013 at 10:43 am

      If you are enrolling in 2013, then it’s not so bad. SGU has finished the sport hall and other facilities.

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