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A Day in SGU: A Short Story of IT Students – by The Mind Blowers

3-13-2009-6-48-15-amAnother project worth talking about is the project from the Mind Blowers team. This is a project for the semester 7th Multimedia class. The team consists of:

Laura Lidwina Lukmanto

Byatriasa Pakarti Linuwih

Nani Yasmin

Here’s what they said about the project:

“For our 7th semester multimedia project, we wanted something simple and something that we love to do. We wanted the result to be something that is familiar to all IT 7th semester students. So, we came up with this idea: a video that features the everyday activity, behavior, all the normality (and abnormality for sure) of SGU IT students.

The first one to be made is the 3D model of SGU for the background. Because we love all simple things, we used Google SketchUp. It is a really easy tool to build 3D model for any building. The hard part was to memorize the floor plan of SGU, which is located in 6th floor of German Center building and unfortunately there is a prohibition for taking pictures inside the building.

After that, we made the scenario. Given it is a short video (about 5 minutes, we thought that longer video would be boring), we try to include most of the typical behaviors of the students during the classes and pauses. It includes quite a wide variety from coming late for lecture, students not understand the lecture, gossiping at toilets, our “smart” conversation at the canteen, and so on.

Then came the casting. We didn’t have much time to build 3D students, so we just take the pictures of the students (front and back side) and basically animated them with Macromedia Flash. The last part is editing and adding background music. Thanks to Adobe Premiere, it was not really a complicated process, because we had already in mind how the outcome would be. So, here it is, a simple video from us for our friends and all students out there“.

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