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Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase

Okay, this is actually a continuation project from the previous RPGMaker XP project. If you still haven’t looked at the first RPGMaker project, you can check it out  here (Although that project is still really ugly and basic).

Anyway, this time the project gets an enhancement to RPGMaker VX with lots of additional script to support interactive battle system. The story itself still none existing since we still deal with the basic stuff such as classes, item, weapon, skill, and other basic stuff (You can check the video if you want).

The skill animation and the characters are ripoffs from various fighting games such as Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, and Guilty Gear. The team doesn’t have skill other than basic programming understanding. However, if you guys are a graphic design savvy (especially anime that is) and want to join the project, we welcome you with open hand.

Anyway, there are a total of 7 characters in mind and 4 of them have been made. Those characters are Rion (Assassin) which animation got from Shiki Tohno from Melty Blood, Jillia (Samurai) got from Kamui Tokionomiya from Arcana Heart, Evwelyn (Dark Mage) got from Zeroko, and Edward (Swordmaster) got from Ky from Guilty Gear. Their skills are also ripoffs from popular game fightings and Mr.Bubble’s blog but with original modification.

The rest 3 characters are still in progress, but they will be white mage, beastmaster, and lancer/archer. The problem is to find the ripoff characters to be made. So if you guys have an idea of what characters in any popular works that are suitable for this, please let us know. Even better, you guys can give the link to the character animation set such as from MUGEN fighting engine. I will give you credit at the ending when the game has finished.

Souza Nurafrianto
Hashfi Rasis

Script used for the game:
Sideview Battle System
Hanzo Kimura’s Animated Title Screen
Skill Teaching Equipment & Items
Mog Script
Spin Battle System

Enu (
Mr. Bubble
Shu (for translation help)
Moonlight (for her passionate bug support for this script)
NightWalker (for his community support for this script)
Enelvon (transformation add-on and support)
Atoa (community and XP version support)
AlphaWhelp (code fixes and community support)
Enu (for making an awesome script)
Hanzo Kimura
modern algebra (

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