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Mobile Application Project: VPHO

VPHO is a mobile application software that has been launched early on this month and it is available in iPhone and Android device for free. This application is a part of my work involvement and it reserves as an all-in-one communication means to accomodate your interaction with your friends and colleagues. So, let’s dive in to what this application could offer you.

Enjoy Calling Friends Without Relying on Expensive GSM Call

With VPHO, you can call your friends just like using a normal GSM call without the price of making a GSM call. With Wi-fi or 3G capability, you can reach out to your friends and be in touch with them. You do not have to worry about making expensive international phone call to your friends abroad as long as you have internet connection at hand. Phone call quality is design to accomodate your comfortable calling experience with stable noise reduction and effective bandwidth usage.

Personalize Phone Call with Video Call

Much like other communication-oriented application, VPHO is equipped with easy-to-use Video Call. You can use your camera to display what’s going on during your phone call or interact with your friends during your conversation with them.

Multiple Party Phone Call Capability

Phone call is not exclusively between a person and the other anymore. With conference call capability, you can involve more than 2 people in a phone call or video call. Have a need to bring down discussion with your friends about the events you interested in? Use the conference call feature to discuss your topic of interest with your friends.

Chat-Addicted? We Got You Covered!

Of course, we haven’t forget about how you love chatting with your friends and colleague by sending them text messages. So, we build an independent chat messenger inside the application for you to text your friends. You can send pictures, videos, or file to your friends by using this chat messenger and we also add some comfort-oriented features to the chat messenger that you can try out.

Easy Contact Management

Sometimes, you are to lazy to search for your friends that uses VPHO and add them to your contact list. Not to worry, we build an automated phone book synchronization scheme to recurse your phonebook contact and add them to your VPHO contact if they uses VPHO. Therefore, you don’t have to manually add your friends all over again and can start a conversation with them immediately.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this application right now and be connected with your friends. Bare in mind that this application is still new and we are constantly trying to improve it, please make any review, complaints, or feature suggestion that you might want for this application to have. Thanks.

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