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Our Engagement Day is Here!

It’s been awhile since I touched my blog and fortunately today I have just the right time to do that. For your information, I’m now married so this post is so late. My engagement was held in the procession of a Betawi tradition. If you are not familiar with Betawi culture, it’s a culture comes from the native people of Jakarta.

In Betawi culture, when a guy wants to purpose to a girl, he and his family will come to the girl’s house bringing Roti Buaya or a bread with the shape of a crocodile. And both of the families will assigned a Palang Pintu or somekind of warrior that will performed a pantun or somekind of rap battle but instead of insulting each other, they will praise the person who hired them. However, I only fulfilled one of the traditions which is bringing Roti Buaya to my fiancee. I also forgot to mention that the reason that the Betawi culture picked a crocodile shaped bread is they think crocodiles to be a loyal animal. When they mate, they will stay together for life.

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