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Achievement Unlock

Achievement Unlock: Curiosity Rover’s Risky Mars Landing

Achievement Unlocked: Doctors Cure Baby of HIV

Achievement Unlock: Optical Camouflage in a Vehicle to Assist Rear View Capability

My Adventures

Adventure Time: Mettlach – Saarschleife Trip

General Knowledge

10 Useless Human Body Parts

5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Everything is a Remix

Innocence of Muslims: Trolls That Get Fed Will Bite You Back Hard

Prita Free: A Sigh of Relief to The Free Speech in Indonesia

The (Secret) City of London Part 1: History

What Color Is A Mirror?

Information Technology

Attack A: Stealing Cookie

Attack B: Cross Site Request Forgery

Attack C: SQL Injection

Attack D: Profile Worm

Attack E: Password Theft

Automated Debugging: CS259 Problem Set 1

Automated Debugging: CS259 Problem Set 2

Automated Debugging: CS259 Problem Set 3

Automated Debugging: CS259 Problem Set 4

Automated Debugging: CS259 Problem Set 5

Automated Debugging: CS259 Final Exam 1

AVLTree: JAVA Source Code

Avoiding Busy Wait in timer_sleep() on PintOS

Buffer Overflowing Target 0

Buffer Overflowing Target 1

Buffer Overflowing Target 2

Buffer Overflowing Target 3

Buffer Overflowing Target 4

Buffer Overflowing Target 5

Buffer Overflowing Target 6

Buffer Overflowing Target 7

Computer Security: Multi Transpose Encryption/ Decryption Method

Counting Word Occurrence in a TextFile Using Efficient Storage For Faster Retrieval

Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase

Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase 2

Distributed Database System: Exercise 1

Distributed Database System: Exercise 2

Fast Exponentiation: Solution to Huge Modulo Exponentiation

FavIcon: Adding Logo to Your Website Address Bar

Inverted Index Application on Hadoop MapReduce

JAVA Programming: Working With Swing Library

Javascript Programming: How to Store Elements in HTML Before Submitting to Next Page

Oct 2009: Answer to Basic Programming 1st Quiz

Security I: Exercise 1

TPCH-1 Query on Hadoop MapReduce


Humanity Restored: Homeless Hitchhiker Saves Woman From Jesus

Nature’s Wonder: Helicoprion

Nature’s Wonder: Pharaoh Serpent

Nature’s Wonder: Rat Giggles

Nature’s Wonder: Sinkholes

Nature’s Wonder: Swarming Sea Stars & Monster Worms

Nature’s Wonder: Tribute to Earth Evolution (Part 1)

Nature’s Wonder: Tribute to Earth Evolution (Part 2)

Swiss German University Money-Oriented Education

Study in Germany – Master Degree part 1

Take a Look Back: Jakarta 1998

The Doomsday Explosive

When a Religion Hinders Your Way On Becoming a Human

World Theory Proposal – The Inception Case (via Randomness Thing)

World Theory Proposal – Religion Information Distortion (via Randomness Thing)


Beat of The Day: HighScore by Panda Eyes & Teminite

Beat of The Day: The Final Blow by aKu

Beat of The Day: XTC by Ferraz ft. Marti Ann


Mobile Application Project: VPHO

A Day in SGU: A Short Story of IT Students – by The Mind Blowers

IT Project: DFKI Automotive Navigation System

MUGEN: Meronta Dalam Kelas

NXT Project: Light Following Robot

RPGMaker VX: Adventures of Dr.Koizumi

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